Bunhill Fields Quakers

Bunhill Fields Meeting House

Bunhill Fields Quaker Meeting

Quakers meet for worship in what used to be the caretakers house of a set of Quaker mission buildings — all that remains after second-world-war bombing. The surrounding gardens and playground occupy the site of the old 'Quaker Burying Ground' that was the first freehold land owned by Quakers in London. Our founder, George Fox, is buried here amongst many thousand early Quakers.

Meetings for Worship:
Sundays at 11am
Third Wednesday of each month 12.45-1.15pm

Meeting for Worship

Meetings for Worship are held in a prayerful silence within which anyone present may contribute. All are welcome.

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Activities following worship

Sunday meetings are followed by tea/coffee and the opportunity for conversation.

On the second Sunday of each month refreshments are followed by either a business meeting or a discussion/learning group.

Wednesday meetings are followed by a shared lunch and the opportunity for conversation.

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Our history

Bunhill Fields has a long history…

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